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Frequently asked questions. (Still being updated)

What generations of Whoodles do you breed?

We are having our last F1 breeding fall of 2021, from Oaklynn & Otis. After their last breeding we will only be breeding F1B mini's.

What Health Testing Do You Do?

- We embark DNA test all of our dogs that way we understand shedding traits, color combinations, predictable size estimations, and of course any genetic diseases. - At the age of 1 yr we get exams and Xrays Submitted to the orthopedic foundation for animals, that way we know if they are passing on any bad health issues we dont want in our bloodines. Such as: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, Cardiac, Patellas, Thyroid, Eyes, and more. This is just a base of what we try to get done as early as we can. - All of our dogs results after the age of 1, can be found on the OFA website as public information on results. www.OFA.ORG.

What is the health guarentee?

We offer a four year health guarentee for genetic diseases that are LIFE ALTERING. Please request a copy of our contract if you would like to view it.

How do you raise your puppies?

Our puppies are raised with us in our house from birth until four weeks of age, after that we can move them out to a bigger space in our office, at six weeks of age they start going outside in our puppy pen three times a day for outside exposure, mininmal excersising, and some vitamin D, but remaining to live in doors. - we raise our puppies with the bad ass breeder protocol, for exposure with socializing/objects/animals, temperment testing at 6.5/7 weeks before hands on puppy choosing.

How frequent are updates?

We post weekly updates in our client group on Facebook, if you have a deposit in place you will have access to this client group where updates are posted and received. We announce birth, weekly updates, temperament testing, announcements for owners arriving, and more. Updates are usually 2x a week at minimum.

When can we visit?

Please visit the Fee;s and breedings page more more information on this.

We allow waiting list holders to visit at 7 weeks to pick out there puppy, and then pick up thier puppy at 8.5 weeks.

If you are purchasing a puppy we have left available, your welcome out at 8.5 weeks at go home time.

Can I speak with other clients?

Sure thing, we give you access to OUR private facebook groups. We have two, one for whoodles & sheepadoodles, and one for whoodles specifially since many families like to see the whoodles only if they are a whoodle owner.

Our families frequently engage with posting pictures, asking questions, etc.

Do you offer training?

In the event you cant pick your puppy up on time, or would like some exta help with leash training, or exposing your new puppy to the crate during the day or even over night, we have various training packags on our training page you can review.

Will you board our puppy past the pick up date?

We can just board your puppy passed the designated pick up date for $55 a day to resume our potty schedules.