Fee's & Breedings

Our Puppy Prices are as follows for waiting lists at 8 weeks with no training programs;


  • Blacks & Sable: $3,000

  • Brindle: $3,200

  • Merle: $3,500

Planned Breedings:

Papaya & Swagger - Late 22'

MINI size (applications NOT open)

Size Differences & Generations

  • My miniature Whoodles are F1b Generation. They are 75% poodle and 25% Wheaten Terrier.

  • My F1b generation size range is ESTIMATED 15-25 pounds.

  • The mini breedings will have a merle in each litter.


How do we raise these puppies?

  • My puppies are raised in-home with our family (two kids under 5 yr, and my other half + me) our other dogs, and plenty of engagement with other visiting family members.

  • We raise our puppies with the badass breeder protocol + puppy culture programs.

  • Both of these programs focus on temperments, building drive, workability, trainability, human engagement, and temperament testing for proper placement.

  • We utilize the ENS training from day four of birth.


Docking + Declaws

  • We choose to dock our puppy's tails at 2-3 days old. This is our choice to represent our program's breed, and we will NOT negotiate with potential buyers about this. 

  • Tails are docked Wheaton Breed Standard

  • We are choosing to match the breed standard of both parent breeds.

  • We remove declaws at the same time we dock tails.

Visiting Information

  • We do not allow guests before 7 weeks of age; guests are ONLY allowed at waiting lists choosing, 8.5/9  weeks pick-up dates, or training graduation date.

  • Videos are provided multiple times a week in our private family group. (Deposit must be in place to join!)

  • When coming to see our puppies - please be prepared for us to ask you to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. - Their safety and health are our number one concern. Please understand.

  • We will schedule waiting list choosings on the weekend, and it will go in order of retainers received, and you will schedule pick-up days then as well.

  • If you were not on a waiting list for a puppy at the time of choosing, you are not allowed out until the 7-week mark for choosing or pick up at 8.5/9 weeks.

  • Waiting list families are scheduled on the weekend at the age of 7 weeks to come by appointment in deposit received. If we have a puppy available leftover you are interested in after the waiting list weekend is over, you will be able to facetime or decide on the puppy via videos/facetime only, and then proceed to pick up on scheduled go-home dates or training graduation day. We arrange a very long weekend for waiting list families and offer many videos to make the choosing process easy in our family group. 

  • We run a full-time training business with other clients and try to schedule weekends off for our family. Therefore, we find the process above to suit us the best.

  • Puppies can start heading home after their 8.5weeks old; vet clearance with one round of vax, health certificate & check-up has been established.

Basic boarding (Non-Training) if you cannot pick your puppy on time, at the designated date provided weeks in advance -  $55 / day - which covers your continuous potty routines.

What do our puppies come with?

Items included upon puppy purchase:

  • Four years of Genetic health guarantee. 

  • Copy of signed & written contract. 

  • Vet certified health certification  (Please feel free to speak to our vet about your puppy)

  • Vaccines at 8 weeks, with an FL health certification.

  • All Records from the vet and vaccines.​

  • Advanced Go Home Puppy Kit (IE. First-month Flea prevention- 6-pound bag of kibble - toy - paperwork documents)

  • Lifetime Breeder Support - access to our private client groups.

  • Dewclaws removed & tail docked at TWO days old. (Nonnegtionabale)

  • Access to parents' genetic testing  & OFA Results. - ALL RECORDS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC VIA OFA WEBSITE OR UNDER OUR DOGS PAGE.

  • Microchipped, free for a lifetime!


It is our goal to offer superior and efficient service to all of our customers, our prices are NON-NEGOTIONALABLE.

The following are several payment options currently available to you.

  • PAY IN PERSON: with cash.

  • PAY WITH CARD/PHONE:  invoice

  • Payments on puppies are due the day of pick up by Card Payment or Cash only.

  • Doodle school payments due at enrolling | fully trained five-month-old puppy half upon starting & last half, halfway through the program.

  • *NOTICE: There is a 3.5% Convenience Fee for PayPal, regardless of friends or family being used.